Dallas, TX

Brookhaven College
3939 Valley View Ln, Farmers Branch, TX 75244
Saturday, September 8th 2018

(214) 267-8424

Eventbrite - Dream Mile 2016

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$85 Supports education of 5 kids
$170 Supports education of 10 kids
$255 Supports education of 15 kids
$340 Supports education of 20 kids
$510 Supports education of 30 kids
$1020 Supports education of 60 kids


Texas Scottish Rite Hospital
This year, we're excited to announce our partnership with Scottish Rite Hospital! We'll be donating 25% of our proceeds from this event directly to our local children's hospital.
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children is one of the nation's leading pediatric centers for the treatment of orthopedic conditions, sports injuries and fractures, as well as certain related arthritic and neurological disorders and learning disorders, such as dyslexia. Patients receive treatment regardless of the family's ability to pay. For more information, to volunteer or to make a donation, please call 214-559-5000 or 800-421-1121 or visit scottishritehospital.org.

About the Event:

When is the Walk/Run?
Saturday, September 8th, 2018

Where is the Walk/Run?
Brookhaven College, 3939 Valley View Ln, Farmers Branch, TX 75244

What time is the Walk/Run?
Registration starts at 6:30AM. 10K kicks off at 7:30 AM, 5K kicks off at 8:00AM. Awards at 9:00 AM.

How do I get to the venue?
Physical Address: 3939 Valley View Ln, Farmers Branch, TX 75244

Direction signs to the start/finish line will be put up for your convenience.

What about Parking?
Parking is free. Parking Signs will be put up and ushers will be at the lots to help you.


How do I register for the Walk/Run?

Can I register/pay on the day of the Vibha Walk/Run?
Yes! but in order for

The Walk/Run:

How long is the Vibha Walk/Run?
There is a 10K Run / 5k Run / Family Fun Run or Walk.

5K Route (10K will be two loops)

Family Fun Run/Walk Route

Water stations every 1.5 to 2 km with water (Please carry additional water if needed.)

Can my kids participate?
Yes. Given that Vibha’s vision is to provide a brighter future for underprivileged children, it makes perfect sense to get your children involved. However, parental discretion is advised for distances. And, the gazeebo near the registration provides a wide range of activities for children.

Can my pets participate?
Yes. as long as they're on a leash!

What should I wear for the Vibha Walk/Run?
Comfortable shoes, a hat, sunglasses and extra sunscreen. Serious runners wishing to participate in the Run should wear their running gear.

What happens if it rains on the day of the Walk/Run?
The event goes on. If it rains hard and it becomes too difficult to Walk/Run, the route will be shortened.


What is a Pledge?
A pledge is an amount that is donated by an individual who wishes to support out cause.

How can I raise pledges?
Yes! Please click here for information. (Click on Fundraise on the right.)

Are pledges a must?
No, they are not a must, but pledges are a very important part of the Walk/Run. Pledges constitute a significant portion of the funds raised through the Walk/Run. Pledging is one way of showing you support the cause. Becoming a fundraiser is another – not only are you saying you wish to support the cause , but you also help us spread the word by trying to involve your friends and family.

Corporate Teams:

How can I form a team?
Please visit our registration page for more information.

How many people can I bring?
The team can be as large as you want but the minimum number is 5 people.

Do all of us have to Walk?
It is not mandatory but we think that the spirit of the day is infectious and all the members will want to Walk.

Is there any benefit in forming a team?
Many. You get to participate and have fun with your friends. Your employer might choose to sponsor your team.

About Vibha:

What is Vibha?
Vibha is a non-profit organization that seeks to restore to underprivileged children their basic right to food, shelter, health and education - in short - a future.

What does Vibha do?
Vibha supports various projects in India and US working for the upliftment of underprivileged children. The volunteers of Dallas action center donate their time and skills to raise awareness in the community about children's issues and to generate funds for child development projects in India and US.

Click here if you are interested in knowing more about Vibha and its activities.


How many people will be there?
We expect around 500 participants including children and 40 other volunteers and spectators.


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