If you are in a city that is hosting The Dream Mile, please take a few minutes to register as a walker/runner/corporate team.

Find out if we have an event in your area Here

Make a Pledge

If you are unable to participate on the day of the race, you can still contribute by making a pledge. All pledges are tax deductible in the US.

Become a Fundraiser

Become a spokesperson for The Dream Mile. Set your personal fundraising goal and reach out to your family, friends and co-workers to achieve your target. Vibha will provide you with your personal Fundraising Web Page that will help you track your progress.

Become a Sponsor

You can sponsor The Dream Mile in your city or nationally across cities that are hosting the race this year. Contact us today if you wish to become a local or national sponsor.

Irrespective of the how you wish to contribute, rest assured that your efforts will go a long way in providing much needed education, health care, shelter and renewed hope to a child. Take a few minutes to review the statistics below.

  • Quality education for a child - $120*
  • Rehabilitation of a severely mentally handicapped child - $50*
  • Non-Formal Education for a child - $40*
  • Immunization for a child - $35*
  • Educational materials for a child - $30*
  • Study/play materials for a child in a balwadi - $5*

* Statistics above are annual amounts based on data from representative Vibha projects

As you can see, it doesn't take a whole lot to support a child's education, put a roof above their heads, ensure they are protected against preventable diseases or care for the physically and mentally disabled child.

Please join us in our efforts in making a child's dream come true.